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ProActive Gear Transfer Cases
Remanufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications to provide superior quality with perfect fit and function. Each transfer case passes a comprehensive battery of tests including recreating actual driving conditions to analyze the performance of each transfer case.

Additional features:
- Backlash, mesh load, leak, and rotational torque quality-control testing is performed on every unit
- OEM cores are processed as individual units throughout the teardown and assembly process
- Cores are cleaned using a hydro-blast cleaning and rinse process
- All case halves are wet sanded to ensure perfect mating surfaces
- Loctite gasket eliminator and primer used to seal all aluminum mating surfaces
- Remanufactured in a ISO9001:2008 USA facility
- Problem-solving applications include Jeep transfer cases with slip yoke eliminator kits and GM cases with oil pump wear-savers installed
- 12 months/12,000 mile limited warranty