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Forks/Levers Slider/Synchro
Starting with the 2007 model year, General Motors introduced a series of new transfer cases built by Magna Powertrain replacing the New Venture Gear units used in the past. Check out our aftermarket components and remanufactured assemblies for these MP transfer cases.

The new units are available in the models below:

MODEL ProActive Gear Part # RPO TRANS Input Shaft Splines Output Shaft Splines Chain Size Application
MP1222LD PG1222-1 NQG 4L60E 27T 32T 7/16-1.25" 1/2 Ton
MP1222LD PG1222-2 NQG 6L80 32T 32T 7/16-1.25" 1/2 Ton
MP1225HD PG1225GM-1 NQG 6L90 29T 31T 7/16-1.5" 3/4 Ton
MP1226SD PG1226GM-2/PG1226GM-3 NQG 6L90LCT1000 29T 31T 7/16-1.5" 3/4-1 Ton
MP1625HD PG1625-1 NFQ 6L90 29T 31T 7/16-1.5" 3/4 Ton
MP1626SD PG1626-2/ PG1626-3 NFQ 6L90LCT1000 29T/33T 31T/32T 7/16-1.5" 3/4-1 Ton
MP3023LD PG3023-1 NHQ 4L60E 27T 32T 7/16-1.25" 1/2 Ton
MP3023LD PG3023-2 NHQ 2ML70 32T 32T 7/16-1.25" 1/2 Ton
MP3024HD PG3024-1 NHQ 6L90 29T 31T 7/16-1.5" 3/4 Ton
NQG: Transfer Case, Manual Shift, Floor Mounted Shifter
NQF: Transfer Case, Electronic shift with dial control
NQH: Transfer Case, Auto/Active Shift, 2-Speed
**All models use Dexron VI fluid

Common Problems
3023/3024 Shift lever bearing failure: Bearings are overheated due to the lever balls being placed off center from the lever, resulting in uneven pressure on the bearing. Typically only the 3023LD experienced this problem, GM fixed this by only using the HD levers with thicker collars and 10MM balls (vs 13MM) to apply pressure evenly. ProActive Gears only makes the HD levers to be used with 10MM lever balls, which will work in both transfer cases.
All Cases Grinding, popping out of gear: caused by worn range forks and its pads due to contact area available. ProActive Gear range forks and mating high/low clutches are made with a wider flange on the slider and increased fork area to compliment this increased contact area. These will also fit previous models without the increased contact area.
All Cases Mainshaft snap ring failure causing collateral damage within the transfer case. ProActive Gears has made a Heavy Duty snap ring to fit all mainshafts to correct this issue.